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You possibly can clear rights to use third-social gathering content material on YouTube by submitting written permission from the rights holders.
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Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America _ Does it Work or Scam?

Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America Review: Probiotics are some of the most popular health supplements these days and for good reason. They're harmless enough to be offered to children without any concern but can prevent or treat a variety of health problems.

They're the "good" bacteria that we're all eager to ingest simply because we know it benefits us, but not many of us stop to think what really is found inside a specific supplement.

We think they're all good, and both supplement and food industry take advantage of our willingness to give many different brands a try. That's why probiotics are now included in foods that make them very much useless, and things are not much different when it comes to supplements.

Low-quality products will include bacteria that is only alive at the time of the packaging or blended with substances that will cancel it's expected benefits. And a particular kind of supplements that consumers must be especially careful with are those that are only available through the internet, because while some of them are quality products, most are just part of money making schemes that only benefit the manufacturers.

What is Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America?

Perfect Biotics product is one of the probiotic supplements that is not available in stores, and it's manufactured by Probiotic America, a fairly new company. Right from the start we know that we can't have a look at this product without purchasing it first, which is a trait of internet shopping that many companies are willing to take advantage of by releasing useless or dangerous products.
But that might not be the case with Perfect Biotics, for which the company gives much useful information on the official website.

Actually, the website presents all the products manufactured by Probiotic America, and by this feature alone the company gets some points in its favor when compared to other businesses that market their products through the internet. First, they offer more than one product, which means that the company wasn't founded just to promote one money making product as a result of a new fad.
And second, all products can be found in a single place, which means that Probiotic America is not afraid that one of them might discredit their name. Often times companies will create different websites for each product just so the others won't be avoided when one of them inevitably proves as ineffective (or even worse, causes health damage), but in this case, it seems like no such concerns exist and the company stands behind all their supplements.

Perfect Biotics is their first release, and it's claimed to be a simple yet very efficient probiotic. It contains 15 species of bacteria and no other substances, as it's designed to only do exactly what a probiotic should, which is helping the digestive system by fixing health problems caused by an insufficient amount of bacteria while at the same time promoting a healthier immune system.
The CFU (colony forming unit) count is very high, with users ingesting over 30 billion live organisms from one single capsule. This is also a very good feature of the product, with higher amounts of bacteria being naturally more effective, but the truth is that each consumer will need a specific number of probiotics depending on their health requirements, and such a high number might not be particularly helpful.
Still, the results should be noticeable much faster with a high CFU count, and in the case of Perfect Biotics the company claims that the effects will start to manifest in around 3-4 weeks of use in most cases. It's also mentioned that with some users have experienced positive changes in just a few days, which is very normal for a quality probiotic.

Does Perfect Biotics Really Work?

No customer opinions are yet available for this product, but judging by its qualities the users should have some very high expectations. Perfect Biotics contains some of the healthiest bacteria strains known at the moment, and on top of that in very high amounts. This means that it should be able to help even those with very bothering health issues, even though it's not actually a medical treatment.
Probiotics are classified as foods by the FDA, as they're not required to evaluate them because they're not potent enough to pose a danger to health, like medication, usually is.

So is the case with this product, which is only supervised and approved by a doctor who is specialized in family medicine and practices in California. It doesn't seem like one specialist could help much, but most internet supplements give no information about the manufacturers, never mind the professionals involved, most often because there are none.
But the products offered by Probiotic America do come with some backing, and they also have the advantage of being manufactured in the US, a trait that is usually very appreciated by the customers.

It's claimed that the bacteria cultures are raised in Wisconsin, tested and packed in Utah and shipped from California, where the company is also based. The official website also states that Perfect Biotics is tested by third party laboratories, but it doesn't offer any proof even if it seems like some documents were supposed to be available for viewing.
Maybe they've been removed or the website encountered some errors in displaying them, but either way we have no way of knowing if the statement is actually true, at least for the moment. Still, the label of the supplement bottle is posted on the website and offers all the necessary information. All the ingredients are disclosed, and we know exactly what species of bacteria are included.
This is very important, as specialists advise against products that don't mention the bacteria strains, the CFU count and the total quantity of product found in the capsules.

And the capsule packing is also an advantage, with this form being the most beneficial for the live organisms and of course for the health of the individuals that ingests them. The bacteria has to make it to the colon, where most of its amount is supposed to be and where it's the most effective.

Also, Perfect Biotics is flash frozen before packing, which means that the product won't have to be refrigerated for preserving the bacteria and can be kept at room temperature even for years without losing its properties. The probiotics will stay alive for a very long time, a mandatory trait that is not commonly verified by customers before purchasing this kind of supplements.
Many companies will sell dead bacteria to non-informed clients, with their defense being simply the fact that the product does indeed contain probiotics.

What Are the Ingredients in Perfect Biotics?

As we've mentioned before, the website does a good job at presenting all the important information about the product. Perfect Biotics supposedly doesn't contain, gluten, soy, lactose or any other allergen source, although nothing is mentioned about any GMOs (genetically modified organisms) being included.

Quality probiotics shouldn't contain this type of ingredients, and hopefully, this one doesn't either, but on the other hand we do know what the fillers are, and they don't include sugar (commonly used in cheap probiotics) or other substances that will decrease the qualities of the bacteria.
These are rice maltodextrin, anhydrous dextrose, vegetable cellulose and stearic acid, and none of them are supposed to harm the bacteria, but nothing is mentioned about the product being vegetal so we can assume that the capsule shells are of animal origin, like in the case of many other supplements.
Given that probiotics contain live bacteria, it would seem like they're by default unfit for vegetarians and vegans, but as we naturally carry them anyway, the only problem might be their origin. And in this case, we have no idea what that is, and it would be mentioned it were vegetal, but most likely they have been produced with aids of animal origin, so we wouldn't recommend Perfect Biotics for vegetarians.

The bacterial strains included in this product are:

9 species of Lactobacillus (acidophilus, plantarum, rhamnosus, casei, salivarius, bulgaricus, paracasei and brevis)
5 species of Bifidobacterium (lactis, breve, bifidum, longum and infantis)
one species of Streptococcus, which is theromophilus. This last probiotic has a name that makes it sound extremely unappetizing, but it's actually very beneficial for digestion. It helps the body digest milk, and at the same time has antibiotic effects that will protect the organism from infections.

This seems rather unusual given that antibiotics are known to kill probiotics, and it's recommended to always use this good bacteria along antibiotics just to make sure that their numbers stay the same, but probiotics generally help the immune system.

A lot of research has been conducted on probiotics ever since it has been discovered that they're essential for our health, and although much of it is inconclusive (when it comes to the bacteria that is ingested through supplements), we do know that some species will help not only in the affections of the digestive system but also in seemingly unrelated health problems.
Out of the more than 500 bacteria species that we naturally host in our bodies, some are very helpful and work well when ingested from supplements, starting with Lactobacillus, especially the rhamnosus variety. This strain is included in Perfect Biotics and can actually heal acute diarrhea, as demonstrated by tests performed on children. But the other species of Lactobacillus are also very efficient in all types of intestinal disorders, with bulgaricus (also included) being able to help with lactose intolerance.
Also, this species of bacteria is the only one that is completely harmless to the body. Generally speaking, all probiotics are, but they could cause some unw

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Wollte Dir einfach mal in diesem Gaestebuch einen Gruss hinterlassen. :)
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Ich wollte einfach einen netten Gruss da lassen. Bin gerade auf eure Homepage gestossen.
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Schoene Seite, ich komme mal wieder vorbei.
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